Specializing in Dubia roaches, tarantulas, feeder and pet bugs.

Shipping Methods


2 to 3 day usps priority

$10 flat rate

I have shipped using usps priority since 2005 and have had good service. It is very rare that I get lost or damaged orders.  One advantage to usps is that their facilities are temperature controlled which is a huge advantage when shipping live creatures.  Heavy items can be shipped with the $10 flat rate, I have 2 boxes I use, one has a 15 pound limit and one has  a 70 pound limit that are flat rate.  So you can purchase substrate and animal hides and other heavy items without an issue of extra shipping costs.  Size of items can be a factor.          


usps express
$35 flat rate

Some area's ship overnight if you are located near a hub (city) but if you are rural ,chances are it will still take 2 days to arrive. In my personal opinion the express option is not a good value since it is more than 3X the cost of priority and much of the time arrives in the same time frame , especially if you live in a rural area like we do.  This option will not work for heavy items.  To get this flat rate the weight can be no more than 2 pounds. 



Regardless of the shipping method you choose, we guarantee live delivery and satisfaction of your purchase with your choice of replacement of the item or critter or a refund of your purchase including shipping.

With years of experience shipping live creatures since 2005 , you are assured of getting the care needed for your new additions to arrive safely , if possible.  It helps if the address that I am shipping to has a safe place for the package. A metal mailbox in direct sun in 110 degree heat is not a good place.  Don't laugh, this did happen with a 1000 medium count of dubia.  I did replace them.  So please use good judgment when choosing a shipping location.  The critical period for the package is the last leg when the postal carrier is delivering them, this is where they can be delivered safely or with one careless mistake , all can perish.