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Shipping info

The cost for priority shipping is $6 and is fine for roaches and small tarantula's and I normally ship monday's and friday's, Unless I receive special instructions, I will ship out on the next normal shipping day. A heat pack is provided when needed. Shipping is done on monday, tuesday and wed.  A heat pack is provided when needed.
The weather does not affect shipping, packing is done accordingly to accomadate conditions. We ship all year long.
If you have shipping questions, feel free to email at  davegrimm1@gmail.com

Policy:    We only ship within the USA

We garantee everything that we ship , to arrive in good condition and free of defects and will either replace the item or refund the purchase price and shipping, whichever the case warrants and will be at the discresion of the invert shop.
Please be advised that there are some animals on this site that have a certain amount of  toxins. We are not stocking the tarantula's known to be highly toxic, but we also do not advise handling of tarantula's because of the reations that can occur to individuals. Therefore, handle at your own risk. Once they leave our doors , it is up to the purchaser to know their animal and its risks. If you are not willing to take responsability for what occures with the animal in your care, then please do not order from our store. We do not have the ability to control your actions.
If you are ordering from the invert shop, you are stating that you have read and agree to the terms.

Shipping :     "We only ship within the USA"

It is up to the purchaser to check local laws regarding the keeping of animals that can be purchased from this website. It would be impossable for us to keep up with every law in the land , which is the reason that the burden falls on the purchaser.  Your state , county , city or even comunity may have restictions that we will never know about.  Please be adivised on this matter. 
Shipping costs are over and above the purchase price of the items sold and are the responsability of the buyer.  If an item arrives doa, you must email on the same day that you recieved it. An email right away , followed up with a digital camera within 24 hours, it is easily achieved.

We do not cover DOA's if the purchaser does not pick up the package in a timely manner.
Shipments left in the post office or on the front porch for extended periods do not apply to our refund/replace polocy.  A heat pack is provided when needed.